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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Great Hacks for Keeping Car CLean

Clean your windshield wipers with cola and a damp cloth. The cola will cut through the stuck on dirt and bugs. Simply pour the soda on a rag and wash the windshield , rinse off with water.

Reach those areas that hard to reach with a paint stick or tooth brush. Yes, you heard me right. Using a paint stick covered by a microfiber cloth can clean between those seats and such that are too tight to otherwise reach. Use the toothbrush to clean areas such as cracks between seats. Use baking soda and water mix to scrub.

Pet hair can be collected by creating static electricity by a rubbing a balloon around the car. The static electricity will pick up any pet fur that may be present. Air vents can be cleaned with compressed air being blasted through air vents. Wiping the vents down with a cotton ball that has essential oils can freshen up the car as well.

Prevent messes by using silicone baking cups in your cup holders. These will help to prevent grime from building up following spills. Keeping a small trash bag and baby wipes in your car can save you time and energy as well. Clean up the messes that may happen ASAP.

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