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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Cutting Summer Chaos

Lets admit it , summer can be a bit stressful. Kids love summer but there are many changes that take place when they are home all day long. The warm weather is welcome but the hot days can become a bit lazy as well. While the kids are out of school, many times parents still have to work and feel like they want more time at home to be with family. Then, there are those responsibilities that come along with summer. Vacations, trips, sibling conflicts, and the list goes on and on.

It is always grand to have a couple of extra hands around the home to help straighten the house. If this is what you think is going to happen now that the kids are out of school, unless you have a grand idea you should think again. Kids are normally into fun in the sun and helping in the house just is not their style. Time to put some parenting skills to action and figure out a way to keep the chaos down.

  • Start with a plan. A plan to giver everyone what they want is always great and believe it or not it can be achieved. The name of the game is balance. Set up good routines, rules and share what you expect to happen. 
  • A good morning routine can make a great difference. Talk to your kids about what how you expect summer mornings to go. Start with morning chores that must be done prior to breakfast. Have a family breakfast whenever possible this allows all to get a chance to talk about what has been happening. 
  • Summer time is a great time for kids to learn a bit of independence. What goals do your kids have for the summer. Have each member of the family to create a summer "bucket list" of what they want to learn. 
  • Plan activities such as camps and programs that offer parents a break and kids a great learning experience as well as fun. Remember not to overdo it. Plan activities to brighten summer rather than something that will tie you to endless commitments. 
  • Play is important and should be planned as well. Get out in nature and enjoy having fun. Get dirty it will wash off after all. Adults should be allowed to play whenever possible as well. There is no goal here simply play
  • While summer days are long and lazy at times, bedtimes should still be the same. Sleep is important during the summer as it is the year. Bedtime routines should continue They might be a bit later now and then but should still go on. 

What does your family do during the summer to keep chaos from happening?? The goal is to make a memorable summer with your children. Plan ahead and skip the stress, look for those moments to hve a bit of unplanned fun.

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