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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

How To Make a Gift Basket for a Garden Lover

To start with you will want to find the perfect basket. Other ideas would include a water can, planter, or pot. Look for inexpensive baskets and containers from dollar stores, grocery stores, garage sales nd thrift stores.

Now, decide what it is you will place in the basket or container. A few great ideas to go in a garden gift basket include:

  • Garden gloves are not only loved but also something used by many gardeners. Gloves help to cut down on blisters an dirt under the nails. 

  • kneeling pads that can help your friend garden without wearing out their knees will be a great item to put in any garden basket as well. 

  • Seed starter kits will help get the new seeds off to a roaring start before being transplanted into the garden. This will be a great addition to a gardening gift basket

  • Garden lights and candles seem to make our yards and gardens more homey. They are perfect for nearly every season. Including something personal for the receiver would be perfect if it included a set of garden candles

What you include in the garden gift basket you create will be up to you. Likewise, how you put it all together and wrap it up will be your personal choice as well. Remember, take in to mind the individual you are giving the gift to and what they like, what their favorite colors or style is and that you are creating the gift to give to someone not to keep. 

Here are a few garden gift baskets I found while preparing this post. 

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