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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Just had a curios thought as Snooki goes to court for being a public nuisance. I thought about my children and the pride I have in them. I am proud of my children for the good grades they get, for the good deeds they do, for standing up for who they are and for just being who they are. As Snooki faces court again I just wonder how her parents feel? Are they proud of her? After all she is a household name now. Even in my house where we do not have cable T.V. I know who Snooki is. But with Snooki getting in trouble a few different times do her parents keep their pride? I guess she is being who she is and that she is standing up for her self and she is their child so I would reckon they would be proud of her. or are they?

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  1. I love that you commented about this. I only have a two year old, but I teach 8th grade and my student s are like my children (all 180 of them) and I can remember how appalled I was at the MTV show Teen Moms. And the next thing I know some of my students were trying to talk like one of the characters on that show. I realize that MTV execs are probably trying to show how hard it is to be a teenage mom, but I have found with my students that they don't focus on that, they are trying to imitate their accent. What will they imitate next? Just like with Snookie, that whole Jersey Shore cast has become famous and all I can ask is, why? What are we “teaching” our kids with these pseudo-celebrities?
    Again, thanks for a good point!


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