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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eight O'Clock Coffee Review

I am not sure how you start your day off but a good cup of coffee is in my morning line up. Recently were were able to review Eight O'Clock Coffee and found it to be much deserving of a second cup. What else would one expect out of the #1 Whole Bean Coffee in America? For over 150 years Eight O'Clock Coffee has been making coffee that Americans love. Eight O'Clock Coffee comes in 11 different flavor grinds that include original, decaf original, 100% colombian, decaf 100% colombian, Bokar, french roast, dark Italian Roast, 50% decaf, hazelnut, french vanilla, and mocha. I am sure with the list of that many varieties there is at least one that you would love to try. I know that many of them sound taste worthy to me.

The March issue of Consumer Reports also stated that Eight O'Clock coffee is also a great bargain. Wow!!! Not only taste great but a good bargain as well. Sounds like it belongs in my kitchen what about yours? So if you are looking for a great coffee that stands up to and over other great brands check out Eight O'Clock Coffee.
A couple of great deals on the web that Eight O'Clock Coffee sponsors. The first is a contest to win a free bag of coffee by sending your picture and writing why you love Eight O'Clock Coffee. There is also a coupon for $2 off 2 bags of Eight O'Clock Coffee simply fill out form. You can purchase Eight O'Clock Coffee from most retailers.

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