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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baby Crys What They Might Mean

Parents Magazine Online is always offering wonderful tips and ideas for rasing children. I found and article on reasons baby crys to be very thoughtfully composed. So why does the baby cry? The reasons may suprise you. Here are 8 reasons as to why the baby may cry as defined by Parents Magazine Online.
  1. Too Hot often we think that our baby for some reason must be kept warmer than ourselves so we put more clothing on them than we do ourselves. This may lead to the baby getting overly warm which is something that they are not able to tell us so it may lead to the baby crying.
  2. Simple arguing may upset the baby. They do not understand what is going on only that there is a lot of shouting and their world seems a bit messed up. To avoid this have discussions at normal voice tones as not to upset the baby
  3. Babies can get stressed out easily by noise, too many people, busy places, not enough attention, too much attention and the list goes on. Stress can make big people cry so why wouldnt make little babies cry as well. Comfort them make sure they know all is o.k.
  4. Tummy hurts, after having a child with chronic colic I know this cry all to well. Burping your baby more often may help to avoid the gas that can develop into a tummy ache, if the tummy aches, spitting up, etc... are a concern then you should talk to the babies doctor
  5. One reason that babies may cry is because they are getting pinched. Remember our babies are small beings and even a simple hair wrapped around their finger or toe may cause pain. Look make sure their is no hair or thread that may be cutting off circulation on the baby leading to pain
  6. Babies get lonely this often happens between 6 and 9 months of age when they develop a bond and are aware that they are alone. One thing that may help is a mobile or activity center. It can keep the babies attention busy and allow you to move around a bit as well
  7. A common cry is hunger but sometimes this cry may full you. If you are on a scheduled feeding try to go for a stroll with the baby first if the crying does not stop then you should feed them a bit more
  8. Babies get bored to and may lead to fussing and crying. Attempt to move your baby around in different areas so they do not become bored looking at the same environm

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