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Monday, April 19, 2010

Dolly Parton God's Coloring Book

I shared a term in a post the other day that I had heard a long time ago "God's Coloring Book" and was not for sure where I had heard it. SO upon doing a bit of searching I realized that it was from a Dolly Parton song that I had heard many years ago (1977) as a young girl I loved Dolly and still do and my mother would buy me records that I would play over and over til I knew the songs by heart. I love this song and hope you like it as well. This is what moves me today in the beautiful day that God has provided us. What moves you? Share here


  1. Thank you. We love "Aunt Dolly" as she is known in our house.

  2. We just love dolly too, it's hard not to! Thanks for the song, loved it!

  3. Love Dolly & love this song!


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