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Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 easy ways to go green

Going green is great for the earth and can even benefit your health. Here are ten easy ways to go green:
  1. leave your car at home take a walk or ride your bike to work
  2. use reusable bottles for drinking from. The lil plastic water bottles have been found to have dangerous chemicals associated with them and all those little bottles have created a problem with keeping the Earth clean
  3. choosing clothes that are made of organic materials could help cut down on the dangerous chemicals that have been known to cause cancer
  4. if possible choose locally grown. I know here in southern Illinois there are many things that can be bought locally such as apples, peaches, meat, honey, and eggs to name just a few. Buying locally helps to cut down on the gas that it takes to ship the products and also is fresher and better for you.
  5. help clean up the earth by picking up trash, making the place look better. By keeping the earth clean the water we drink could clean up in the meantime you may want to have a water filter put in place
  6. make cleaners safer with less chemicals. Some of the best cleaners are the home made cleaners that get the job done but don't leave the after effects
  7. Plant a tree the benefits of trees is unlimited and the beauty is unsurpassable
  8. Eat meat a little bit less the benefits will be better on you and your health as well as the limitations of greenhouse gas emissions
  9. Limit dry cleaning the chemicals used in dry cleaning have been found to cause cancer
  10. Grow your own garden you will feel proud, have nutritious food to eat and cut down pesticides

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