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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Are You Ready For Pool Season

Are you ready for pool Season? Well this is a picture of my lil princess last summer in her pool. Her mommy says that she is ready to play in her pool again. This year i think our family may buy a bigger pool as they love to get in the water and splash about . Will you go swimming this year? Do you have a pool?
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  1. Oh how cute!! Well, we live by a creek, but we see snakes in there so I guess a pool would be a good idea this year!!

  2. Cool pool baby. She having such a good time.
    We had a pool fit for six kids when our daughter grew up.
    In Norway only a handful have their own swimming pool.
    The bathing season is too short.
    We do have two public sand beaches within walking distance from our home.
    Last year I only made the plunge once, in July.

  3. Oh yes I'M ready and so are the kids. Won't be long now.
    My Ruby Link for you

  4. oh she's so cute...i'd like to jump and swim with her too lol!thanks for the visit...

  5. Can't wait! Sweet baby, sweet memories.
    p.s. we luckily have a pool in our apt. complex that opens next month. Yay!

  6. miss this little princess cant wait to see her and her momma n her dad!

  7. My daughter has been begging me to go in the pool, but it's still a bit cool here in MI-today's high will be around 50. She did get a decent sized pool for her birthday last year that will be good for her and her brother to swim in this summer :-)


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