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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Works For Me

There are lots of tips and tricks that I have learned this week. I sent one son off to college to live in the dorms and another to the ER with chest pain. I sent one daughter off to college and start a new line in her life and yet another daughter to try to figure out what she will do when high school ends. In all these things the one thing that works for me is turning to our Lord Jesus and saying "you gave them to me, you have helped me raise them, now watch over them as they start to live their own lives with Jesus hopefully spotlighted in all of them" This is the only way that I can get by right now, good friends, my blog, and prayer.

That is what is working for me this week what works for you? Visit the blog We are that family.


  1. Jesus being in and with my family works for me, too, Ms. Annie.

  2. That is the only thing that truly works!

  3. my 6 are much younger, Jesus in my life is the only way I do it too.

  4. True! Works for me all the time. :)


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