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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

VAT19 review

Do you ever want to give someone you love that cool one of a kind gift? Finding that one gift for the person that has everything used to be a difficult feat. But now with VAT19 that difficult feat has been tamed. VAT19 sells wonderful one of a kind gifts as well as items that anyone would love to have.
I am a candle lover and if that candle smells great then my day is suddenly brighter. We were able to review a wonderful candle from VAT19 that candle did not only smell great but actually looked like a gigantic cinnamon roll. Can you imagine what the kitchen smells like when I lit the wonderful Cinnamon candle? My children found out in a sort of different way as they smelled the candle burning believed they smelled Cinnamon rolls baking in oven and were a bit disappointed when all they found was the scented candle from Vat19.

As I had shared before I am a candy lover. So when I saw this gigantic gummy bear on a sucker stick I knew that I wanted it. The only problem was that my children wanted it as much as I did. So guess they will have to wait and see if they receive one for their selves. My teens would love these. If you have a college student or teen then the VAT19 Giant Gummy Bears would be a great surprise that would surely put a smile on their face.
To find the one of a kind gift that you would love you will have to visit VAT19 at their website

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