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Saturday, August 29, 2009

School Days: the 6 things loved or hated about school

Small Talk Six is a great resource just to touch base every so lightly and share what our thoughts might be on subjects with others.

Today’s topic is “6 things you loved or hated about school.” You can answer this with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 sentences, 6 paragraphs, 6 photos, 6 videos, etc . .

My 6 were:
  1. Loved the friends I had some of the best in school days and several of us still get together and chat either on facebook or in real life
  2. Hated the categories you were put in because of what you had or did not have
  3. Loved competitions for grades, in band or in choir i ate it up and entered all that I could
  4. Hated P.E. I am just not that athletically trained
  5. Loved most of my teachers many of which I still have fond memories of
  6. Hated going back in warm weather with no air conditioning or having to walk to school in the snow and cold weather

Those were my 6 what are yours. Visit the blog


  1. Categories, I hated them too. Funny how as adults people still do it. Here are mine


  2. P.E was definitely not a popular subject. I think it was all the competition. For me anyways.

  3. I loved being in a place that had predictability. My home life had a lot of drama (my dad was abusive, and it was scary being in my house when he was home); I loved being consistently rewarded for following the rules. I learned in school that I was lovable and appreciated for who I was. I loved the rules of grammar (again-predictable).

    I've never thought about this--loved this post. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  4. We didn't have a/c either, and it was so miserable! I hated the summer and spring school days!

  5. I think categories is another we all seemed to hate.

  6. wow I am glad you still communicate with your friends... I lost in touch with most of mine... My entry


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