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Friday, August 28, 2009

Pencil Me In Cosmetics

As my daughter prepared to start college she looked into all the normal items that she would need, clothes, shoes, books, school supplies and then her attention turned to even more personal goods the right makeup that would fit her personality. My daughter loves to look her best and takes offense when she does not. When looking for the perfect makeup she considers many options color, style, texture, and ease of use are among the items at the top of the list.One item in particular that struck her as a great makeup products was made by the company Pencil Me in Cosmetics.

Pencil Me in Cosmetics is a leading company in today's cosmetic industry and has been approved by many leading make up artist. Pencil Me in Cosmetics has created a healthier set of eye liner pencils that come in 30 various colors ranging from a lovely vibrant purple to the great frosty shades of blue and green to the darker metallic bronze and glitters. These great eye liner pencils are a bit different because they are infused with anti oxidants and vitamins so that they not only offer beauty to your eyes but also health.

Everyone should be able to find a great eye pencil from the Pencil Me in Cosmetics. Application is easy as well as the makeup goes on silky smooth without pulling the skin around your eyes. While the makeup goes on smooth because of the creaminess of the makeup you do not have to worry about the point breaking easily as the pencil tip will stay firm. As well the eye makeup will last for hours with the true color.

Are you an individual who is allergic to many different products? My daughter is as well that is why I loved the information that Pencil Me in Cosmetics that they are allergy free. They have been clinically tested to be non irritating, Eco friendly, tamper proof and hygienic. Natural ingredients such as green tea leaf extract, pine bark extract, grape seed extract, Shea butter, wheat germ oil and safflower seed oil are composed to create this lovely eye pencil from Pencil Me. Anti 0xidants and vitamins have been included in this great eye pencil to help protect the eye from daily exposure to the various elements your skin is exposed to.

Buy: You can purchase these wonderful eye pencils on the Pencil Me In website located at Linda from Pencil Me In has offered a special discount to Annies Home readers. Buy 2 get 1 free or better yet buy 4 and get 2 free eye pencils by using the code healthy.

Now the best news of all.

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