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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Top Ten blogs I visit

Top Ten Thursday:
  1. Thoms Place 4 Whatever: this is a great fun blog ran by my friend Thom. He has lots of fun daily and participates in many fun memes.
  2. Busy Mom Blog: very fun blog with lots of great fun including giveaways, coupons, freebies all the things I love
  3. 3 kids n us: This is one of my favorite blogs where the blogger is from the same state as myself. From contest to great post this blog is a great one to check out
  4. The Mom Buzz: This is the blog where fun can be found I love to always see what is going on here as well from post that are related to family to great giveaways.
  5. Leslie Loves Vegies: actually a great friend before she was a blogger. Leslie host great giveaways on her blog. She also loves to enter giveaways as much as I do and share the information with her blog readers.
  6. Two of a Kind Working on a Full House: this is actually one of my favorite blogs as well. This young lady shares alot of content as well as great giveaways. Dee is the mother of 2 and I have no idea where she finds all the time that she does to have such a great blog.
  7. Jolly Mommy: This is a wonderful blog. One of the first that I found. I loved the great contest that are offered, she also host a wordless wednesday, as well as many post related to parenting
  8. Go Graham Go: This is a great blog that I also love. This blog works super well with Jolly Mom. I love them both because they offer the same sort of content.
  9. Baby Loving Mama: This is a great blog offering contest, information about blogging, family, etc...
  10. 5 minutes for mom: This is a great blog and I love it lots. Offers alot of information on blogging, family, contest, etc...


  1. what a great list. I hadn't heard of any of them so definitely a lot to go and check out.

    Thanks for joining in on TTT

  2. Woah, there are some great blogs on this list! Thanks for sharing them, Annie! :-)

  3. Thank you for the shout out my friend. I'm gonna check these out. Mahalo :)

  4. ooooh- new blogs! This was a great week, so many new people/blogs to check out. Thanks for the list :-)


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