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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Master Lock

Recently I was given the opportunity to review a great combination lock from Mater Lock this opportunity was found on twitter moms. The great combination lock I was able to review was the Master Lock No1500iD The great Master Lock No1500iD is a great lock one of a kind.

The Master Lock No1500iD is the only combination lock on the market that opens in an up/down/left/right directional movement. The top reason that I admire this lock is because it allows my son to easily open his lock and exchange needed items in his locker and get to class within the 4 minutes allowed. On top of that reason the great patented technology of the wonderful Master Locks No1500iD is that the security is above the standard combination lock. Want yet another great reason to select this super combination lock? Well how about being able to reset the combination on the Master Lock No1500iD. The combination lock itself is a mere 2 inches of metal that can be easily opened with one hand. Imagine your student eager to get into their locker with several books in hand and no where to sit them down. With the Master Lock No1500iD you can easily hold the books in one hand and open the lock with the second hand.
If your child would love to add letters, numbers, colors, shapes or symbols to make it fit their personality the Master Lock company has taken care of this as well by including a great set of stickers on the lock. You simply take the stickers and apply over the arrows.
You can read more about the great master Lock No1500iD by visiting the Master Lock Website at

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  1. The lock "speed Dial" 1500iD was invented by an Israeli physicist. You may read about the Israeli group in


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