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Friday, August 28, 2009

Salada Tea

As far back as I can remember I have been offered tea. We are normally the iced tea person but on occasion would enjoy a great cup of hot tea. It was not until I met a great co-worker of mine from Britian that I truly became a tea lover. My friend would enjoy her tea with a bit of cream and sugar just like coffee. At first I thought how strange this was but later I found out that what seemed different to me was not different to those who truly love hot tea. A short time later my husband found out about the different tea flavors such as green tea, peach tea and white tea. He loved them all and soon they were regular items on the shopping list. When I read about Salada Tea I knew that I would have to try some of their product out as well. Thanks to Salada Teas I received a few different flavors of tea and need to share with you that they are all delicious.

The founder of the Salada tea company was a traveler and a food merchant. Mr. Larkin wanted to transport the tea back to his consumers in a manner that would keep the tea fresh. Thus the introduction of quality tea in handy foil packages came to pass. The foil allowed the freshness to stay put within the tea which allowed for a greater cup of tea. Today that same great flavor of tea is now sold in tea bags which allows you to brew that great cup of tea each time.
There are many great teas available at Salada. Teas such as green and white tea that promote good health as well as delicious gourmet teas are all sold at Salada. Why don't you try some today? Head over to the website to shop for your perfect cup of tea.

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