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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The Flowers of April

I am sure that you have seen those daisies that look like weeds popping up in your yard or other places. I often think of the rural setting when I think about these what I consider beauty and others consider weed like flowers.

There are so much more to the flowers known as daisies. From one of my favorites the Gerberas daisy to others that you you will find in the florist. The name 'daisy' derives with a meaning of 'days eye' because of its habit to open at dawn. The Gerbera daisy carries the meaning of cheerfulness.

Sweet peas symbolize pleasure and bliss. They are perfect for thanking someone for a good time.

Sweet peas is a plant native to the Mediterranean region. Sweet peas can appear in a rainbow of colors. The life of sweet is lengthy as well. Sweet peas often appear in flower arrangements or cut to stand alone. There are over 150 species of sweet peas not all of them providing fragrance. In addition, sweet peas are prone to insects.

The next time someone speaks of the flowers representing April you will know they are the daisy and sweet pea and be able to join the conversation

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