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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was born this day 176 years ago. A native son of Virginia who played an important role in the country's quest for independence Thomas Jefferson played many roles including the Minister to France, Secretary of State and also the third President of the United States. In addition, Jefferson was a great writer and a leader in writing, economics, religion, philosophy, horticulture and mathematics.

One of the best things about Jefferson is that he could communicate with many. He spoke English, French, Greek, Italian, Latin and Spanish. Thomas Jefferson also enjoyed reading and writing. He has been noted of writing 19,000 letters in his life. Jefferson graduated from the University of William and Mary at the age of 18 and used his education to become an inventor, lawyer and educator. Perhaps you all ready knew about Jefferson education but was you aware that he also was a man of God??

In protest of the British closing the Boston Harbor Jefferson called for a day of prayer and fasting. The result of his stand resulted in members of the community coming together to provide opposition against the Intolerable Acts Another remarkable act Thomas Jefferson completed was to pen the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Jefferson served as a delegate to the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia. There he met such characters as John Adams. Through his many relations with other strong characters he found himself part of the committee that would draft the Declaration of Independence. Many say that he was more than just a member of the committee but that he was the author. While his public life was very outstanding he also had a home life where he could retreat to

Thomas Jefferson had a wife named Martha and six children. Only 2 children, daughters would live to see adulthood. Grandchildren were plentiful numbering 12 some of which lived with him at his home of Monticello. However, home life also had a secret side.

Thomas Jefferson is said to have a relationship with Sally Hemings. As slave that belonged to Jefferson is believed to have filled the space of his past wife. Sally Hemings would be allowed to have freedom after the death of her master. Later DNA test would prove that there were genes in common between the children and grandchildren of both Hemings and Jeffersons.

Jefferson is forever, memorialized in the $2 bill, the nickel and on the Mount Rushmore.

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