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Monday, April 8, 2019

National Zoo Lovers Day

Our family is full of animal lovers from my 2 house cats and dog to my moms dogs, cats and a housepig as well. We love animals and that is often where we head to after a bad day as they are always there with love. God placed animals on the earth I believe for a vast variety of reasons. However, our family does disagree with other animal lovers that may believe that animals in captivity is wrong.

God placed animals here to spend the time on earth with us. While they may have once been able to roam free the population of man has changed those boundaries a bit. There seems to be an instinctual issue between man and animal. Because the battle for land is one of those instinctual protection issues between man and animal so rather than killing them the zoo offers them somewhere to live that is relatively comfortable

Zoos also allow scientist to learn more about animals. Each animal is a bit different and by observing them what they eat, do and live are all things that these scientist live. One of the first zoos in America was started by Grizzly Adams not the actor but the man.

Did You Know:

  • The Vienna Zoo is the oldest existing zoo and was opened to the public in 1765.
  • The United State’s first public zoo, Central Park Zoo, opened in 1874 in New York.
  • There are 350 zoos in the United States
  • Approximately 175 million people visit a zoo each year.
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom has had more than 9.8 million annual visitors.
  • More than 3.2 million people visit the San Diego Zoo each year.
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