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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Encourage Young Writers

Every afternoon when my grand-children arrive home from school one of the first things we do is to take out important papers. One of the important papers the other day was a "young author" paper. In the "young author" the kids use their own talents to write books. Adults are not to offer help with planning or writing as it is a time for the kids to shine. Perhaps one of them will grow up to be a great writer.

April 10th is a date that is set aside to Encourage Young Writers. Do you have a young person in your own life that enjoys telling stories, reads a lot of books or has a big imagination. These are all signs of greatness when it comes to writing. Perhaps you should take this opportunity to talk to them about their dreams and aspirations.

Support your young writer by:

  • giving them a journal where they can practice their daily writing. This is a place where they can write what they want to 
  • offer them daily writing prompts
  • encourage young minds to read, the more they read the better they will be able to write
Encouraging the young minds of our children is to me what parenting is all about

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