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Saturday, January 12, 2019

What To Ask The Pharmacist

When the doctor prescribes  a new prescription to be taken the individual that can help answer our questions regarding the new medication is the pharmacist. Trained to offer counseling and help you understand your medication it is best to talk to our pharmacist and answer any and all questions regarding the medication. Not sure what to ask here are a few good questions to get you started. 

what is the medication for?
how much do I need to take within a 24 hour period of time
how often should I take the medication
how should it be stored
are there are potential side effects
what medications should be avoided while taking this drug

Following the consultation with the pharmacist you should be aware of a few facts:

  • the name of the medication
  • what the medication is being taken for
  • how to take the prescribed medication
  • how you will know if medication is working and what to expect 
The consultation with a Pharmacist should be a good conversation as well as a learning experience. They have valuable information that you may not know otherwise

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