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Sunday, January 6, 2019

History of Monopoly

Board games are something that I have played quite often since I was a kid. One of my favorites is and was the board game Monopoly. My family now loves to play the game. The history of the game is a bit surprising. Perhaps you will be surprised as well.

Lizzie Magie a leftwing feminist patented the landlords board game in 1903. The name of the game was later changed to Monopoly. 

For many years the game was not found in the box in the stores. Rather it was passed from friend to friend. Darrow was the individual who would take credit and earn the money for selling the game to the Parker Board Games. 

In reality the board game was created in the early 1900s and was meant to reflect the life and politics of that time.

The game was first offered to Milton Bradley by Darrow. In 1934 the game board was rejected as being too complicated, too technical and took to long to play. The following year the game board was sold in Philadelphia at F.A.O Schwarz in New York. Parker Brothers would purchase the game and later learn that Darrow was not the sole inventor.

Other board games that were very similar in play would pop up as well. The games were very similar to the board game that was sold to Parker Brothers. In 1935 Parker Brothers was marketed in a small black box and separate board. A second version was in a large box that could hold the board was sold as well. Both sets included die cast metal tokens to be used as playing pieces.

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