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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Clean Your Computer

Your computer gets warm as it runs. High heat can damage the components of your computer that is why there is a fan that is built into it. The fan runs constantly while the machine is on. Air is pulled from outside the housing, past the components and sends it out the back. The air brings with it dirt, dust, animal hair, human hair, and whatever else that is light enough to be sent out.

A few things not to do to try to ensure that computer stays clean:

  • It is important not to set your computer on the floor, or inside a desk where it can get crumbs. 
  • pets in the home can shed allowing a chance that their hair gets puled into the computer
  • children using the computer could allow it to get dirty
  • cigarette smoke is bad for the computer 
These reasons could mean that you need to clean your computer more often. In any situation your computer should be cleaned every 6 months or so. If you notice that your computer is dirty then it should be done more often

The inside of the computer also needs to be cleaned

  • Junk comes in many sizes and shapes. Old and unused files, cookies, temporary internet files, recycle bin, registry errors and out of date files all should be considered junk. Junk should be deleted to free up hard drive space helping computer to run faster. 
  • Organize files and folders Did you know that desktop shortcuts take up memory and increase computers startup and operating times. Consolidating files and folders, organize by type, subject and date can help save space and time
  • Music and photo libraries also need organized. Sort and store by date, occasio or type. Delete duplicates 

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