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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Grow a Salad Through Container Gardening

January is a great time for container gardening. There are cold weather veggies that can grow in containers and brought in the house or placed on covered porch in the bitter winter. The best plants for a cold weather container garden are those that grow well in small pots. Some ideas would be :

Beetroot (here’s how to prepare beets)
Chicory can grow in containers with at least twelve inch deep soil medium
Cress will grow in a shallow container (and even in a moist paper towel)
Garlic, a favorite spice in cooking that can be grown in a shallow container
Lettuce, a popular leaf vegetable that has a very good tolerance for cold conditions and can grow well using container gardening
Mesclun, a leafy vegetable, will grow well in containers. With a short vegetative stage, it will be ready for harvest in four to six weeks
Misome, a type of mustard, will be a slow grower in the winter, but will give you some variety
Silverbeet, also known as  rainbow chard, can be harvested continuously
green onions

So if you want to start gardening early then try container gardening

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