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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Introducing the Communication System Known as Braille

Growing up in a town in central Illinois I was introduced to a vast world of many different populations. In nearby Jacksonville Illinois not only was there 2 colleges but also a school for the deaf and on the other side of town a school for the blind. I learned quickly not to judge anyone at face value and to try to learn all I could from those I met on my path through life. Perhaps that is how we should all look at life as we never know the story of those we meet along the way

I spent time learning sign language to be able to communicate with those in the deaf community, all though many of them could read lips. I also learned that being blind did not mean that individuals were helpless and did not want those with sight to help them with all in life. They had many strong leaders in their community history and these leaders had created many devices to help them move beyond the ability to not see and learn to not only survive but to go beyond their means in life. For example, braille was created to help those without sight to read.

The inventor of the 6 dot fingertip reading system that helps those unable to see was Louis Braille. He created the system as a means for communication for people who are blind. The communication holds more than just his last name as the title it also holds a brilliant memory that would help the blind forever. Furthermore, it must be realized that braille is not a language but a communication system

Louis Braille was born in France January 4th , 1809. The communication he would devise was created after an introduction to Charles Barbier, a captain n Napoleons army. Barbier shared a communication code knows as Night Writing with students at Brailles bind school. At that time Braille was 10 years old but it would not take long to use this newly learned code that Braille learned to help others. Finally, there was a communication system that used 6 dots to communicate through any language.

Many years later in 2016 the Unified English Braille was introduced. This new unified code replaced the English Braille American Edition that had been created many years ago.

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