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Monday, January 7, 2019

Take Your Pet for a Walk

Welcome to 2019!!! It is a new year, a new chance to start out. Did you make any resolutions?? Most people, including myself, have made some resolutions to change the way things have been done. Many will make resolutions concerning fitness, weight loss, or getting healthier. One great way to do this and include one of your close friends, you know the one with 4 paws. In addition it will allow you to take part in the National Walk Your Pet Month event.

Young dogs need at least an hour of exercise a day. The age and fitness levels of the dog determines how long and how vigorous the outing will be. That is the same for the dog and owner. There are many benefits to taking your dog for a walk a few of these include:

  • Improved Health--- regular exercise will help improve your overall health. The health of your dog will improve as well. Stress levels will also improve with regular exercise In addition risk factors for many chronic health conditions in both pets and people should be reduced. 
  • The winter months may lead to inactivity for both pet and owner. This inactivity normally leads to excess weight.  In the beginning you may want to start off with shorter walks and built up to longer excursions 
  • Getting out and walking on regular basis will help with digestion and constipation Do the right thing when you take walks and pick up dog waste
  • Dogs destructive behavior can be curbed when taken on regular walks. The behaviors are often from boredom that both owners and dogs suffer from but getting out and about can cure boredom of all
  • Not sleeping well?? Regular walks will help burn off excess energy and help calm excitable pets as well as promote better sleep habits. 
  • How well do you know the area you live in?? Get outside, walk your dog and learn more about them. Both individuals along the way and dogs will love getting out and socializing. 
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