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Monday, April 9, 2018

Watercress Benefits

Many consider watercress a 'superfood'. Watercress has been dined on for a millennia of years. Through the years many bizarre thoughts have been attached to eating watercress. These thoughts and applications have included:
  • Romans and Anglo-Saxons using watercress as an anti-baldness
  • Ireland as a 'pure' food for ascetic hermits
  • watercress has been used as a mental stimulant aid in decision making
  • one main use of watercress is as a aphrodisiac

Southern England is an ideal place for cultivation of watercress. The name watercress was derived from the Latin word 'nasus tortus' meaning twisted nose. The spring harvest of watercress occurs when leaves and stems are at their peak flavor. It may take as little as 3 weeks for the seedlings to reach harvest. The harvest will last until the stalks turn to flower. 

Farmer markets will start around April. One of the best things to look for in early spring before weather gets warm is watercress. This early spring season watercress will be less bitter and has thinner stems. 

Watercress leaves may seem a bit soft but it is much different than what it may seem. The watercress stalks offer a bit more bite. A surprising snap and crunch with a peppery aftertaste makes watercress wonderful tasting for salads. 

Watercress is closely related to the mustard plant and radishes and is full of vitamins and minerals. High amounts of iron, calcium and vitamins A, C and E are all found in watercress. Watercress goes great with fish and is often used in sandwiches instead of lettuce.  


  1. I'm asking myself why don't I eat watercress more? I like the stuff. I had no idea it had all these possible benefits.

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