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Monday, April 9, 2018

Dog Bite Prevention

There are nearly 5 million people that are bitten by dogs each year. Many of those dog bites are children who have been bitten. While this seem like a lot of bites take into thought that a person is

  • 12 times more likely to be injured by a car
  • 23 more times to be injured from a fall
  • 7 more times more likely to be injured by a sharp object 
  • 1.5 times more likely to be injured by a bicycle

The number of injuries from dog bites could be reduced if we were all educated about bite prevention. Dog owners should also practice responsible dog ownership. It must be remembered that Any Dog Can Bite. No matter the dogs size, age, breed or behavior it should be known that they can all bite. There are some breeds that may be more prominent to bite. These include Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and pit bulls. Dog owners should be sure that:
  • the dog should never roam on its own. Always have a leash on the dog. Make sure your pet gets proper training
  • Dogs should be socialized around other animals, other people and the world. If they are not socialized the dog may be very frightened when you do take themout
  • If the dog is scared it may bite as part of a defense. Growling or a dog that seems scared is signs that they should not be forced to interact.
  • Children should not be left unsupervised with a pet
  • The dog's space should be respected. A dog considered its yard personal property and may growl or bite to protect itself and its property.
  • Reduce aggression in dogs by spaying or neutering your dog
It is very important that individuals that care for dogs whether the owner, pet sitters or dog walkers take time to know what to look for in potential dog bite situations. Know if there are other dogs in the neighborhood. Should you not walk past certain houses?? Parks where children play should be avoided. Jogging  paths and dog parks should also be avoided to prevent potential bad situations. 

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