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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

National Kissing Day

Today, is National Kissing Day. There are several styles of kissing including a small peck, Eskimo kiss, raspberry kiss, and then the old fashioned french kiss. A peck is often shared between friends or someone else that is special. Eskimo kiss are often sweet and innocent performed by rubbing noses together. Raspberry kisses are fun and kids seem to love them. You may recall giving someone one on their stomach to make odd fun noises. Finally, the french kiss is not liked by every one and the results of such a kiss can vary from happiness to an awful feeling. There is a lot of tooth knocking and saliva mixing in this final kiss.

I believe I have left out one of the most special kisses through history. Just take a look this kiss between the Lady and the Tramp is a special one indeed.

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