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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Happy Video Game Day

Being born in 1970s I was an 80s child. The age of video games, MTV and drive in movies. The fun of beating the game and saving the princess, gobbling up the dots to save the game before the ghost got ya or taking on a quest to travel through castles to find the end. All of them took place where ever you played your local video game.

I am old enough to remember a time with out video games inside the home. I was inside those arcade halls where the large video games and handful of quarters. The first video game that my sister and I shared was pong and it was nothing like the video games of today. The first atari game was purchased by my Uncle Bill and we had lots of fun with it as we helped the chicken cross the road. Meanwhile, in restraunts, skating rinks and other hang out spots the quarters would help feed the pac man to chase ghost.

Are you ready?? Today the generation of the old is bringing back the old. What was your favorite video game??

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