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Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Lost Life==== How To Help Your Bereaving Friend

I truly believe one of the worst pains to ever have is losing someone that you love. The closest individuals to lose besides my grandparents have been my dad and mother in law. There is a club that many of my friends and a few family members belong to. That club is one that I I hope I never have to join. The club of bereaving pareents, they have lost a child whether it be a new born or an older child it always hurts. So for them and if you are part of this group as well. I say a prayer and share your sign for I believe one day you will see your child if you are believers once again. 

Losing a child is hard for all that are concerned. There is no correct way of grieving for each will have their own way. There are organizations that may be able to help you through the process. The process I say that as if it will go away one day, the truth is the pain will be there for ever. So grieve the way you feel like grieving there is no right or wrong way.

What I learned we can do to help::
(1) let them grieve, it is their time, be there for them not just at the moment but for the long haul. There will be many different times that the memory of their child will arise and your friend will need you then as well

Grieving process is like a roller coaster. There are many times that things will being going good and looking up only for something to come along and knock it all down again. Grief is hard, be there when needed

One of the most important times to be there for your friend and all those that are grieving is during the memorial service. Be there to offer a shoulder, hold a hand or simply to listen. It will be a hard time but with love your friend can make it through them

When out running errands ask your friend if there is anything you can do for them as well. It may be they are just not ready to leave the house. Allow them the space they need to feel their grief as well

Hugs are great at this time. It allows them a chance to release their feelings.  Remember, you are not a counselor and should not pass judgement

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