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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Keep Cool without A/C

As I recall the first air conditioner we had did not occur til I was in junior high. It was something that we enjoyed but by that time had found other ways to stay cool as well. It has been a long time since those early days and for the most part we have been blessed with air conditioning. In the past couple of years though we have done with out and have learned once again how to deal with the heat. Many others have trouble living without air conditioning.

In a home the heat may make it feel as if someone has turned the furnace up to high. Nearly unbearable to take the heat we look for ways to escape it. Fans don't seem to help much and truly the fan is only helping to circulate thee hot air inside the home. The button to the air conditioner will help lower the temperature swiftly. The issue for many is that air conditioning does not come cheap as the electricity bill will easily show the price of cool air. In addition, there are those that do not have air conditioning because of where they may live. Yet, others worry about the environment and how the air conditioner may damage it. Perhaps, you would like to know a few ways that you can help cool the house without running up the electric bill.

Placing blinds in windows will help stop direct sun heat and make your home a bit cooler. Do not open the windows that face east in the day time. This is most important tip to remember in the late afternoon.

Keep furniture away from windows so air ventilation will not be blocked. It is a good idea to shut the windows at noon or around 1 p.m. and re-open in evening around 6 p.m. Also, keep curtains drawn during the daytime.

Velvet curtains will help to absorb heat and block sun rays during daytime.  Light cotton curtains will reflect heat. Keep potted plants in rooms it will help keep rooms cooler. Potted plants in your rooms will help to keep room a bit cooler as well.

lighter colored bed covers, bed sheets, cushion covers, sofa covers will all help to keep room cooler. Keeping a bottle of ice or ice pack near a table fan will help air feel cooler and soothing. De-cluttering the room will help break up hot air pockets as well.

In the kitchen using exhaust fans and mopping floors with cold water or regular temp water will help cool the room. Ceiling fans are great for air circulation and cooler homes. Turn off appliances and gadgets that are not being used.

These are great tips for all of us with or without air conditioning.

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