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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hot Enough To Fry An Egg

In 2013 Bill Nye the Science Guy proved that it was possible to fry an egg on the sidewalk. This fun holiday appears each year on July 4th. If you want to do your own experiment here are a few steps. The best time to do such an expirement is on a very hot day where the sun shines bright. 
1 egg
1 strip of tinfoil (the size must cover that of a small frying pan)
Cement pad (garage driveway or sidewalk)
A hot sunny day!

If temperature is warmer than 35º C – Find a spot outside where the sun is directly shining. Crack the egg and pour onto the hot sidewalk or driveway (make sure it is a flat and level surface). Allow the sun to do the rest of the work. Wait a few minutes and you will have a cooked egg.
If the temperature is less than 35º C – You will not have enough sun heating your area so you will need to intensify the heat in order to cook the egg. This can be done by laying a sheet of tinfoil (shiny side up) on the sidewalk or driveway (it should be flat or level) where the sun is directly shining. Curl up the edges of the tinfoil so that the egg stays on the tinfoil. Crack your egg and pour the contents on the tinfoil. Your egg will soon start to cook.
Curl up the edges to keep the egg on the tinfoil. If it is hot enough, you can cook the egg directly on the sidewalk. WARNING! Do not eat the results of this trick! 
While it may be hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk there is something else I love to do with eggs that taste better than asphalt 

One of my favorite dishes that is seen at nearly almost holiday dinner, picnics and BBQ's are those little deviled eggs. July 4th is not only fry an egg on sidewalk day but also one of the biggest summer celebrations. Deviled eggs are perfect picnic food and these deviled eggs with the colors of red, white and blue are perfect for the 4th of July.

This dish is easy to make and sure to be a favorite of almost everyone. There is one little secret and that is that these eggs will not fry any ones diet either as they are made without full fat mayo.

Making Hard boiled eggs is fairly easy. Simply place a dozen eggs into a 4 quart pot and cover with an inch of water. Now heat water to boil over medium heat with no lid on pot. When the water starts to boil turn heat off and put lid on pot. Let eggs sit for 15 minutes for large eggs, 17 minutes for extra large eggs and 19 minutes for jumbo eggs

Pour hot water off and replace with enough cold water to cover eggs. You could add a bit of ice as well. Cool for 15 minutes. After cooling it is time for peeling. To do this crack the egg shell just a bit. The egg membrane will make it easier to peel.

  • 1 dozen hard boiled eggs
  • ¼ cup nonfat plain yogurt (or desired amount)
  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise ( I prefer Hellman's/ Best Foods)
  • ½ teaspoon dry mustard
salt & pepper

Cut eggs in half and take out yolks and place them in a medium bowl.
Use a pastry cutter or fork to break up yolk until it's super fine.
Add yogurt, mayo, mustard, s&p and whip up with spatula until smooth and creamy.
Place mixture into piping bag fitted with a 2D tip.
Mix 1 cup hot water and 1 teaspoon food coloring and 1 tablespoon vinegar. The vinegar helps the color stay bright, I tried it both ways and the eggs with vinegar have a brighter color.
Place egg whites into the colored water and let sit until desired color is achieved about 1-2 minutes.
Take out egg whites and place on paper towel to allow excess color to drip off.
Then arrange eggs on platter.
Pipe the egg yolk mixture into the egg white halves.

Happy 4th of July

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