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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Country Music

Country Music is full of patriotic songs and those that speak of living in the great U.S.A

The one I share today is one of my favorites. When in 2011 the worst happened here at home my daughter would sing this song to keep her company. She was in the third grade and now is a grown lady. I can recall our neighbors sharing their stories with me how her voice and that song continued to give them hope when all seemed lost.

Country music originated in the 1920s in the Southern United States with influences from American folk music, western music and the blues. Country music also has a heavy rock and roll, soul and rap influence. It is a lot like the United States and is made up of many diversities. In the early years country music was often called "hillbilly music" but since the 1940s has commonly been known as "country music"

Country Music instruments commonly include guitars, drums, pianos, keyboards, banjos, mandolins, fiddles and harmonicas. Immigrants located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains in the U.S. introduced many of these. Irish settlers shared the fiddle, Germans brought along the dulcimer, Italians shared the playing of the mandolin, and the banjo comes from West Africa. 

The next time you are listening to Country Music think about all the different instruments and how much it is very like how America is made up. 

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