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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Time To Feed The Birds

With all the spring birds making it back into our neighborhood I can well imagine they will need a headstart getting some food. The one thing we always did when my children was young was to make peanut butter bird feeders. This year my grand children and I will revive that tradition.

resource from gogrowgo

 just 3 things that you will need
toilet paper roll
peanut butter roll
bird seed

start by spreading peanut butter on the toilet paper roll. Do not over pack it just needs enough for feed to stay on all sides. Remember to remove any excess paper

after rolling the toilet paper covered with peanut butter in bird feed. Then it is time to hang it Do this by taking a long piece of string going through the roll itself and hanging to the tree

No where to hang a bird feeder like this then try this

To make these bird feeders you will need some orange cups and a variety of nuts, berries and seeds and grains. Many items can be found in your cupboard. Use whatever a bird or squirrel can make a meal of. You will also need a small package knox gelatin and 1/4 cup of water.

Using a small pot on the stove dissolve the gelatin. Heat til it simmers and the gelatin is dissolved and the mix is clear. Let cool a couple of minutes Mix in bird seed, berries, nuts til all is coated. Spoon the bird seed mix into the orange peel halves and pack to make sure it wont fall out or move.

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