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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Time To Eat Continental Breakfast

A Continental breakfast will contain traditional American breakfast cuisine. Pancakes, eggs and meat are just a few items.  Often you will find cereal, bagels and fruit at continental breakfasts. Hotels that offer continental breakfast include the price of their meal into the price of the room. A hotel often provides a continental breakfast in the lobby or a room near the lobby. The food is typically on a large table or counter. Plates, bowls, forks, spoons and knives are made available. Most offer tables and chairs where guests can sit and eat, or they could take their breakfast back to their rooms or elsewhere.

Normal foods served are:

Breads including  toast, doughnuts, pastries, croissants and rolls. In most places that we have stayed there is a waffle machine where you can make your own my son loves this. Butters, jams, and jellies syrup are readily available as well.

Beverages such as juice, hot beverages and often water, milk and soda are all offered. Hot chocolate might be available for children or for guests who do not drink coffee or tea.

Fruits and cereals are other foods that are available on the continental breakfasts. Bananas, apples, oranges and grapefruits. Cold cereals and milk as well as hot cereals such as instant oatmeal is available.

Some places make cook up eggs or meats. Scrambled eggs are most often served by the side of bacon or sausage lings. Hash browns may be served as well.

Dining at a continental breakfast

There is a normal time period when the food will be served. One of our favorites serve both a evening meal, bedtime snack and continental breakfast all of which is served at certain times. Guests who wait til the end should expect that the supply of some items might be gone. Remember that guest should not take extra large portions as this is considered poor manners. The breakfast is provided to be a quick meal not a full meal that will satisfy an appetite for hours to come

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