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Saturday, February 25, 2017

International Tongue Twister Day

When I was a kid we often ran around saying tongue twister. No my tongue was not twisted and I did not twist anyone else's tongue. A tongue twister if you did not know is a phrase that is very hard for people to articulate, especially when spoken in a sequence really fast. 

One thing that I did not know but found out while researching for this post is that most langues including sign language have their own versions of tongue twisters. Sign language finds it own twister also known as finger fumbles when the words of a tongue twister get repeated time and time again getting faster. This can often make the fingers fumble. 

Tongue twisters often are created with the similar sounding words that aliterate That means that the first letters or sounds in the words are the same. Take a look at a few of these tongue twisters:

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