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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Raw Food Diet ==== What Is It???

The Raw Food Diet maintains the line that you can eat as much as you want with out gaining any weight. I know what you are thinking because it is the same thing I was thinking,,, How can that be???
The Raw Food Diet consists of unprocessed, preferably organic, whole foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, grains, legumes, dried fruit, seaweed, unprocessed organic or natural foods. With two-thirds of all food in the Raw Food Diet should not be heated to room temperature. The food also contains fewer trans fats and saturated fat than the typical Western diet.

Young coconut milk, fresh fruit and vegetables juice and purified water are all part of the Raw Food Diet. The diet deems that fruits and vegetables should be blended to release the nutrients. Drinking fresh juice allows your body to absorb more of the vitamins and minerals than eating the whole fruit and vegetables. 

Those that follow the raw diet believe that cooked food is not good for our health. The way that food is taken in affects weight. The nutrients are often cooked out of food this is a known fact. The nutrition is often transformed by chemical reactions created by carcinogens, mutagens and free radicals. Thus, those that partake in the raw diet believe that cooking foods takes nutrients away and replaces it with poisons that leaves a bad effect on health

The proponents of the Raw Food Diet want you to know that the diet is filled with nutrients and fibers will help with you body metabolism. Not getting enough nutrients leads to a starvation mode that results in storing more fats. The raw food diet allows you to eat as much raw food as you care to this will not allow your body to get hungry or go into starvation mode so your body will not store the fat it thinks it needs.

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