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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Winter Care for Hands and Feet

Selecting proper foot wear is important year round. Winter time is no different. Quality brands do care more for your feet but comfort is a must in high price or low price shoes they must be soft and comfortable to your feet

One tip given to me by a doctor is to apply lotion before sleeping. This is easy to remember if you make it something in your night time routine. This will help prevent cracked heels. Simply take body lotion and massage it on your feet. Also if possible visit a salon once a week to get a foot spa

When soaking your feet, showering or taking a bath remember that extreme temps whether hot or cold is not good for your feet. Using warm water helps to keep your feet from cracking

Soak your feet:

  • Into a tub of warm water add one table spoon of salt
  • soak your feet 5 minutes 
  • Soak feet in salty water 5 minutes (no more as it may not be good for feet)
  • Take feet out dry with clean towel
  • Apply your favorite lotion
  • Do this 2 times a week 

The last tip to add about winter care of foot is to use a pumice stone. It truly does work and keeps the dry skin away. 

Winter season makes human skin rough and dull. This includes your hands that take a lot of batter. Moisturizer should be used on a daily basis to help protect hands. Apply moisturizer before going to bed on your hands and after washing hands. 

Remove dead skin from both hands and feet. Using rose water, lemon juice and glycerin will help you. Good hand and feet scrub is great as well Trimming nails is also great idea to not only help with dry skin but also because o the beauty it adds. 

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