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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Celebrate Life

In the job that I chose to work and love to work you also learn to celebrate life. Every morning that God gives us another day we should be thankful and full of praise. No matter what the day may bring good or bad at least we have another day.

All to often we find our lives to busy and we forget to Celebrate the day. Celebrate life. There is always a chance to love the day and celebrate making the day the best we can. All we have to do is grab hold of the day and celebrate life by preserving the past, creating the new and sharing it with love.

While the storms of life may come and go it is the raindrops and learning to dance between them that helps make us who we are. The battles of life must be chosen wisely so that we fight and endure the storms of life. Between the storms and dancing in between the raindrops we take time enjoy life and make memories
Today is the day to share the achievements in the past, feelings of the present and dreams that are filled with the future. Remember to be thankful for all that is present in your life and all that you have. Tomorrow is another day we must learn to celebrate every moment. Changes may happen , some may be good and others bad but they are sure to happen. Just like the raindrops we must learn to keep our heads up and dance between applauding the moments of life. Tomorrow is never promised be thankful for being alive and continue to believe that all will get better. That what life gives you use the precious time to do the best that you can do.

Take the time and make memories so in the end you can say that you did the best you could. You danced between the raindrops and kept your head up not allowing anything to bring you down longer than a moment.

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