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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Baking Mistakes

If you find time to make up some home-made cookies for your family you cetianly do not want to have them go bad by not taking care of them. You most likely are smart enough to realize you can bake in batches. But what do you do when you have so many tasty goodies at one time?? The most logical reasoning is to freeze them. But sometimes there are those yummy goodies that do not do well freezing and thawing. An alternative would be to store them in an air tight container with an apple wedge thrown in. The cookies will absorb moisture supplied by the apple. This will help keep cookies fresher for longer. Replace the apple slice as needed. This trick also works well with a piece of bread instead of apple. 

Another issue that may haunt your baking is burning the goodies. Mistakes will happen and often over browning happens because of doing to much at one time. In this modern day and time that happens easily. Don't throw them away because the burnt goodies can be saved. Using a box grater scrape off the bottom layer of the cookie. So you tell me you burnt the top of the cookie. O.k. another easy fix scrape off dark burnt places and ice them with frosting or powder sugar icing. This will make them have a decorated look and also offer a sweeter taste. 

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