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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Thank You For Stopping By === National Compliment Day

Kathy Chamberlin from Hopkinton New Hampshire and Debby Hoffman of Concord New Hampshire created National Compliment day in 1998. 
Anytime a you want to give credit for a job well done or simply want to brighten someones day offering a compliment is a great thing to do. A compliment has a powerful effect offering confidence to those that need it or gives a pat on the back of someone working hard. 

I wear many hats where I work, one of those is a personal one, I believe that keeping a smile on my face and offering compliments is a great way to make all feel at ease and happier. For the elderly lady that is trying her best to walk a few more steps than yesterday cheering her on with a compliment works great wonders. For the co-worker that has worked more days than you and are wearing out telling them they are doing a great job or other compliment gives them a smile and just a bit more energy to make it the rest of the day. A compliment helps to improve the mood and also says something about the one giving the compliment. It means someone has taken notice of what is going on 
A compliment must be sincere. When compliments are sarcastic or face others know that the compliment is not real. It is like giving a thoughtless birthday gift the receiver does not get the same feeling and you look a bit silly. 
We all like being unique and original so strive to offer a compliment that makes the person stand out above the rest. Telling someone what you admire about the person means a lot and shows that you care.

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