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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Charlie Birger Southern Illinois Bootlegger

Here in Southern Illinois a hero / criminal of sorts is still very popular. That man's name was Charlie Birger. Birger served his country, spent some time as a cowboy as a bronco buster and became sort of a Robin Hood here in southern Illinois where he spent time as an outlaw. You could have called him an American folk hero helping the poor and robbing from the rich.

Southern Illinois has long been filled of outlaws and criminal history. The caves in the southern part o the state namely Cave In Rock hosted outlaws even way back in the day. But Charlie was one to remember and recall as all the old timers in this area have stories to share about this man that may have been not so brightly remembered by others.

The fascination of the historic bootlegging time and the participants from this area and even a bit of pride that helped put Southern Illinois on the map as well as ancestors that were part of the drama even if it were the worst of them.


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