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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Punctuation Not only for the Day but a Life time of Reading

Have you ever wondered what reading would be like without punctuation's?? What if someone was attempting to leave an important note to ask another a question. Without a question mark would it be understood that way or would they consider it to be a statement?? A book that demands statements of others to be understood would be hard to understand without these little folks " " A reader of a decleration would run out of air for sure without comma's which allow a quick break or periods that halts the reader for longer time. What if it was something that was full of excitement without the exclamation mark!!! How could the excitement ever be contained. Likewise information hosted within brackets is not for everyone and ind contained as to let the reader in on extra information.

The world is need of  commas just take a look

Here is other great punctuation marks and great reasons, ways and times to use them

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