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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

National Piano Month

It was the late 18th century when the piano would be introduced to the world. Music would never be the same. The invention of the piano happened several decades before the introduction but grew in popularity as composers and performers fell in love with the sound. Vienna and London each hosted a large school of piano. The original pianos were large in size but as the instrument aged it started to be reproduced in an assortment of variations.

The square piano would come next

The upright would make the option of having a piano in the home possible.

The 19th century the piano would grow more powerful and also become a primary source of entertainment. Learning to play the piano became part of childhood education. The United States would become a major producer of pianos with Philadelphia, Boston and New York would all be major centers.

As the world of entertainment started to offer more choices the piano started to lose popularity. The 20th century   would see a decline of piano music and sales. The piano is still very popular though and found in many public places and homes. 

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