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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Football Snack Food: Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos

Football season hit our house a few weeks ago and the mania is running wild. Not only football but October baseball is on its way as well. I love sports and so does my family. We also love to snack. One of our favorite snacks is bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos. 

These little snacks are known as stuffed jalapeno peppers but they are more as they are also wrapped in bacon. They make a perfect entree for lunch or dinner or eat alone and enjoy as a snack

Jalapenos (10-15)
1 package Cream Cheese, softened
1 package Bacon (I use turkey bacon)

Jalapeno peppers can be extremely hot and can burn those with sensitive skin.  So it is advised to wear gloves when working with the peppers. First rinse and pat dry the peppers. 

Fill the peppers with softened cream cheese. 

Fill or stuff the peppers with cream cheese. Fill as much as you like I like ours filled full using it all but making sure each pepper is filled. 

Wrap bacon around the jalapeno half stuffed with cream cheese. This can be done 2 ways using toothpicks or with end of bacon between pepper and the pan. 

Bake at 375 degrees for 20-30 minutes or until bacon is cooked to how you like it.  Let cool 3-5 minutes before serving.  We like to have them with sour cream.

Enjoy!! What is your favorite football snack?? 


  1. These look amazing! Could eat 50of these right now. Gonna try this :)

    1. now while I know that peppers are veggies I am not sure if my mouth could last after the burn of 50 peppers
      thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment

  2. This is a good idea! It's kinda feels like the dynamite we're used to cook here in the Philippines. We put cheddar cheese inside a green pepper, sometimes with cooked ground pork and then it will be wrapped in shanghai roll wrap. Bacon can also be an alternative with it, now that I saw this! Cheers. :)

  3. These look delicious. I'm not much of a jalapeño fan, but I could eat my weight in bacon! I might have to try these when football season rolls around again. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This looks absolutely yummy, my husband would love these. We are hug sports fans too!

  5. I loooove jalapenos.... These look delish

  6. Oh my! I LOVE bacon. Seriously, I can add it to anything. This is brilliant. Definatly making these soonest. Thanks.

  7. These sound interesting, wonder if I could substitute the jalapenos with something else? Am not a fan of jalapenos!

  8. This looks quite interesting. I love jalapenos. Need to try them soon. My family is going to love them.


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