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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall Chores Include Cleaning Chimney

Ready or not but soon rather than later fall will be here. You may not be ready to say good  bye to the warm weather but before you know it we will need to heat the indoors. The cooler days means not only the leaves on the trees will change and fall but the temps will as well. The month of October looks as if it will start out warm but may quickly cool down. October is notorious for having damp and cool days which leads quickly to the winter months. The last week of September is National Chimney Safety Week. 

Since the chimney sits idle for several months at a time it is important to have it checked. We may not even think about using the furnace until all of sudden it is needed. That is why National Chimney Safety Week occurs normally before the cold weather hits where the chimney is needed. Cleaning of the chimney is something that may need done as it set unused through the summer months. Fire is a scare that most everyone wants to avoid. The National Fire Protection Association recommends annual chimney inspections and when needed cleaned. Gas burning fireplaces, natural gas and stoves that use propane logs and do not produce visible soot still leave corrosive substance in the chimney. 

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