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Monday, January 4, 2016

Tom Thumb ----- Born January 4th

Happy Birthday to General Tom Thumb. Born on January 4th 1838 as Charles Sherwood Stratton was better known by his stage name "General Tom Thumb". A dwarf of a man who achieved great fame as a performer in the P.T. Barnum circus.

Charles Stratton was born to the son of a carpenter named Sherwood Edward Stratton from Bridgeport, Connecticut. Edward Stratton married his first cousin Cynthia Thompson. Both of Charles Stratton's maternal and paternal grandmothers were allegedly small twin girls. However, both of Charles (tom) parents were both of medium height.

Charles was a relatively large baby weighing 9lbs 8ozs at birth. For the first six months he grew normally then he stopped growing. The doctor informed his parents that he would never reach normal height Charles would not grow any taller or gain weight but all though he was surrounded by many siblings of average size.

P.T. Barnum the famous carnival man would come to know Charles. He would teach him to sing, dance, mime and impersonate famous people. Stratton's father would die in 1855. Tom would go on tour at the age of 5. The tour was a large success and the tour expanded. At the age of 6 Tom and Barnum would tour Europe. The tour bring Tom instant fame and make him a celebrity. Tom would meet many of the royals and join in the campaign to bring attention to those living in poverty.

Tom would fall in love an get married. P.T. Barnum would help Tom live a wonderful rich life where he traveled and entertained often. At the age of 45 Tom Thumb passed away due to a strike.


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