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Sunday, August 16, 2015

This week at Annies Home

As we review what we shared here on annies home last week one theme was back to school. There were a few subjects such as art that is not present in schools as it was once upon a time. That is why it is so important to learn all we can so that we can share with our children. One great artist was Sue Fuller and her beautiful string art.

Check out the post and you will find a great way to create your own string art. Rick Timmons another American artist who approaches his background and creates beautiful art was also shared on our blog.

The field of music is much like art in the fact that it is slowly disappearing from our schools. I played the clarinet in band and shared this post about the inventor of the clarinet.

This week also should have seen a lot of smiles as it was time to give a smile and get one as well. Smiling is good for your health. Even when you are feeling blue put a smile on your face and your smile will help influence your mood. The world should be a bit less stressful with a smile.

We shared lots of great recipes with you last week perfect for back to school time. Recipes like
Hawaiian Haystacks


Mock Filet Mignon

Biscuit and gravy casserole

This week is also Scrabble Week so I shared many different post about scrabble and how to win.


This week we also celebrated food holidays like peaches and julienne fries
We also shared a great product with you. Awesome for adults or children and perfect for back to school time
Took a moment of time and shared one of my favorite summer or any time activities. That of a bit of romance
Just in case things get to hot and because this is the month to share great inventors and inventions I shared all about an invention that has helped cool our summers down.
Household tips such as why there is an odor in your water as well as how to keep your lettuce fresher was shared to help you maintain your home.
Finally we shared some awesome picnic recipes with you so that you can enjoy the summer with some great company as well. A bean recipe and potato salad will I believe be nice additions to your personal favorites
Til next week when we update you again be sure to check into annies home daily

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