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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Roller Coaster Safety Tips

It seems that lately there has been a lot of news about individuals getting hurt on the roller coasters. This to me is very scary. If you are like me you want to know what is coming at you. Here are a few safety tips you may want to keep in mind

1. On most roller coasters there is a recommended age, height, weight and health restriction. These are there for a reason. They are there to help keep you safe and should be obeyed.

2. If you are not sure how the ride goes then you may want to watch it for a bit of time before getting on. This will help you know what to expect. In most cases this should be easy as you wait in line to get on.

3. Don't assume or be afraid to ask if something does not seem right to you. This includes how you are strapped in or anything you may see that does not appear right

4. I have always heard since I was old enough to ride on roller coasters that it is important to keep your head, hands, arms, legs and feet inside the ride at all times. Enough said, we can all imagine the dangers of what might happen if they do not. it is also important to not remove your safety belt/lap bars/ shoulder harness or exit ride until you are instructed to do so.

5. Remember to have fun, the rides are not going anywhere so take your time and breaks between rides. Enjoy your day

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